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How Hinduism's Brilliance Helps Light Our Way

"You never know when a boon is about to come your way, Niraj Thaker of London, UK, reminisced with our staff recently. "One day in ‘98 or ‘99 I found Hinduism Today online—a simple click that started a major download for me."

Niraj was born in Mumbai in 1977 and came to the UK 12 years later. His family were devout Hindus. “They would take me to Ganesha puja and Siva festivals, which I enjoyed very much—I’ve always been spiritual. But the understanding was missing, a vacuum that became more troublesome as the years went on. I never imagined answers to my questions even existed—well, maybe deep in India, somewhere far away. Then my sample magazine arrived and within a few minutes my answers were flying off the page, about the Gods, us, me. So, here’s what life’s for... Practical and esoteric answers. Most amazing of all, I was suddenly confident I’d found a source I could really count on. Twenty years later, I still feel that way.”


"It's good to have found a source you can trust, especially today amid all the disinformation." Niraj Thaker.

For years, Niraj, a technical project manager in a London bank, has been ordering 20 to 40 copies of each issue that he distributes all around London to individuals, bookstores, grocery stores, temples and libraries. “One day BBC heard about my enthusiasm and interviewed me for a 20-minute spot on the basics of Hindu belief and practice. I had become that knowledgeable,” he laughs.


Thom Drinkwater and fiancée Georgina on their engagement day. "Hinduism helps people be kinder."

In 2014, Niraj introduced Thom Drinkwater of Manchester to the magazine. The moment was transforming for Thom, also. He, too, had long been spiritually inclined, but living with urgent, unanswered questions. Thom, 40, is a business development manager for a freight forwarder. “The job has me traveling a lot, which used to be grueling. Now it is my opportunity to listen to audios of Hindu teachings and practice Hindu mindfulness, trying to hold on to the Now, letting go of the irrelevant.” At home, Thom does daily sadhana under the guidance of his guru, attends Manchester’s Gita Bhavan temple weekly and occasionally dreams of God Siva. “I love Hinduism,” he confides. “It helps you become more who you want to be. I am grateful, which is why I like to support Hinduism Today. I know from experience how much it helps people.” Niraj and Thom both donate generously to the Hinduism Today Production Fund via a monthly automatic donation.

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The vision.

The Hinduism Today Production Fund was created to enable the magazine to ever more effectively do what it does best:  uplift Hindus and Hinduism everywhere.

Print and digital editions of HINDUISM TODAY are produced by the monks of Kauai's Hindu Monastery as a public service, not to tell their own story, but to cover the people, events, philosophy and traditions of the broader Hindu world. The monastic staff also direct a skilled international cadre of journalists, artists and photographers who help create the magazine.

Grants from the Hinduism Today Production Fund subsidize a part of each Hinduism Today issue and thus supports its mission of uplifting Hinduism, Hindus and like-minded souls everywhere.

The grants help cover travel expenses and fees for reporters, photographers, researchers and artists. Or they may help send members of our monastic staff to conferences to sharpen their skills in digital publishing and other areas.

The financial goal of the Hinduism Today Production Fund is to build principal to $5 million which will provide a monthly grant of approximately $16,700.

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