Benefactor of Hinduism Today

Who is
a Benefactor
of Hinduism Today?

cover of Hinduism Today, january 2009 issue A Benefactor of Hinduism Today is one who has donated USD1000 or more to the Hinduism Today Production Fund--as a gift outright, or by making the fund a beneficiary in his or her estate plan.

Ways to give.
1) If your choice is to give now, you may do so by clicking Become a     Benefactor now below.
2) If you choose to give through your estate plan, there are four effective     ways to do so:

  • in your will
  • in a revocable living trust
  • in a charitable remainder trust
  • or via life insurance
Read more about each of these ways.  If you wish to include the fund in your estate plan, or are considering doing so, we invite you to let us know by telephone (808-634-5407) or e-mail.

Recognition and satisfaction. As a Benefactor, you will receive immediate recognition in the form of a commemorative certificate, special mention in a future issue of the magazine and a place of honor when you attend our various gatherings. And you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are making a resounding difference where it matters most: disseminating Hinduism's edifying and soothing wisdom to the world, and transforming the lives of countless souls.

Why recognition. Being humble souls, donors sometimes prefer to remain as unseen helpers--a noble choice, certainly, which we respect and honor. Yet, we also encourage donors to accept recognition as it does inspire others to participate in our worthy effort. Your gift becomes all the more enriching because, by joining our sangham of Benefactors of Hinduism Today, you are sharing in our vision, adding your own sparkle and power to it--which is valuable beyond measure.

All contributions are tax-deductible in the USA.

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