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January - February - March 2003

Puri Monasteries

Hindu Heritage Endowment has established a perpetual fund for the rejuvenation and care of Puri's once-thriving monasteries. Use of the income from the fund will be supervised by Shankaracharya Sri Nischalanand Saraswati and his successors. This year, grants totalling Rs. 2,400 were given.

Kerala Temple Trust Fund

Kerala Temple Trust Fund

Shubha and Kishore Pathial of Oregon, USA, started fund #50 (present balance of $ 1,783.21) to maintain temples in Kerala that are not under a government-managed temple trust. This year, the Trikkaikunnu Mahadeva Kshetra at Northern Kottayam received its second grant of Rs. 3,840.

Kapaleeshwara Temple Orphanage

Kapaleeshwara Temple Orphanage

The famed Kapaleeshwara Temple of Chennai has under its auspicesthe nearby Kapaleeshwara Temple Orphanage, which gives religious training for its residents in addition to shelter and meals. HHE offers support to this noble institution with this fund, #52, initiated by Dr. Jayanthi Mukundan of Liverpool. It now has a balance of $1,267.51.

This year the orphanage received Rs. 18,240 of grants.

Udayan Care, New Delhi

Udayan Care

Udayan Care is a New Delhi-based voluntary organisation committed to sustainable social development by running homes for abandoned or orphaned children. Udayan Care fund, #42, has a balance of $4,623.97 and gave Rs. 4,800 of grants this year in support of this noble institution.

Additional information is available at

Pazhassi Balamandiram, Kerala


The Pazhassi Balamandiram in Nalloornadu, Mananthavady, which serves more than 30 residents and raises them in Hindu values and traditions, received a second annual grant of Rs. 10,560. The HHE staff is gratified to support this worthy orphanage. It is fund #54 with a balance of $5,193.04.

Other Endowments

Other endowments also received annual grants: 1) Rs. 11,040 to Abirami Amman Temple, Tiru-kadaiyur, which provides a monthly archana on each full moon day, 2) Rs. 11,040 to Iyarappan Temple, Thiruvaiyaru, which sponsors a monthly puja and feeding on Arudra nakshatra day, 3) Rs. 4,320 to the Tirumular Sannidhi in Thiruvavadhuthurai for shrine upkeep, and 4) Rs. 4,320 to Vishwamata Gayatri Trust, New Delhi, of Swami Pragyanand, for general support.

An Alternative To Direct Donations

Normally, when a donor in the USA gives to Hindu institutions in India or another country, and does so directly, he does not qualify for an income tax charitable deduction. If you are in this situation, do consider HHE as an alternative which provides you with a tax deduction, while the institution of your choice still receives the same amount of gift. At the same time, an endowment at HHE would build, providing permanent support for the institution. Write or e-mail for further details. Our representatives in India are Tiru L. Nellaiappan, Chennai, for the South and Srimat Rajiv Malik, New Delhi, for the North. Grants to institutions in India are made through HHE's affiliate organization, Sanmarga Trust India, which provides additional documentation and oversight over the funds.

As a public service, HHE occasionally will offer the opinions of financial planners. However, it endorses neither these advisors nor their counsel, and recommends that all individuals seek professional advice from several sources before making important long-term decisions.

June to August Endowment Contributions

Kauai Aadheenam Monastic Endowment
Stephanie Corgatelli $ 207.50
Gunasekaran Kandasamy 104.58
Arul Karttikeya 2,401.63
P. Kumar & Shanti Mehta 300.00
Other Donations 6,504.27
Total 9,517.98
Iraivan Temple Endowment
P. Kumar & Shanti Mehta 300.00
Sivadas Sivarajah 40.00
Other Donations 30,000.00
Total 30,340.00
Kauai Aadheenam Annual Archana Fund
Somasundaram Caremben 0.76
Sukanta Caremben 0.76
Yajataceyon Caremben 3.03
Akileiswaran Samuthiran 2.69
Jayasutha Samuthiran 3.76
Devaladevi Sivaceyon 2.61
Nutanaya Sivaceyon 2.61
Hemavalli Sivalingam 0.79
Kantha Ruben Sivalingam 0.79
Rohini Sivalingam 0.79
Javanya Skanda 4.00
Subasene Skanda 4.00
Total 26.59
Hinduism Today Distribution Fund
Total 6,336.10
Hindu Businessmen Association Trust Fund
Vel Alahan 525.00
Paramaseeven Canagasaby 28.48
Vel Mahalingum 13.63
Manogaran Mardemootoo 45.45
Vishwanaden Moorooven 12.12
Easvan Param 617.40
Janaka Param 25.00
Total 1,267.08
Boys School for Iraivan Priesthood
Indra Dhaksinamurthi 45.00
Lloyd Wes Godley 20.00
Bala Sivaceyon 32.39
Total 97.39
Kauai Aadheenam Mathavasi Medical Fund
Gowri Nadason 90.00
Thomas J. Rowe 80.00
Vayudeva Varadan 27.00
Matthew Wieczork 90.00
Total 287.00
Tirunavukkarasu Nayanar Gurukulam
Padmini Saravanapavan 25.00
Aran Sendan 51.00
Total 76.00
Sri Subramuniya Kottam
Andrew Schoenbaum 20.00
Satheesan Sudhakaran 12.50
Total 32.50
Kumbhalavalai Ganesha Temple
Indra Dhaksinamurthi $ 45.00
Manoharan Navaratnarajah 75.00
Satheesan Sudhakaran 15.00
Total 135.00
Hindu Orphanage Endowment Fund
Anonymous 54.00
Ajit S Adhopia 112.47
Ashish Suresh Chitnis 1,405.00
Lila Shakti Devi 50.00
Ajit V. Gokhale 101.00
Eric Jautee 25.00
Gunasekaran Kandasamy 104.58
Ramakumar & Sailaja Kosuru 40.00
Mohana Das Krishnan 13.00
Christian Langers 150.00
Dev Mahadevan 17.00
P. Kumar & Shanti Mehta 300.00
Natraj Narayanswami 51.00
Indra Pal 100.00
Rama Pemmaraju Rao 24.50
Ganesan & Rajalakshmi Ramalingam 25.00
Alex Ruberto 45.00
Rakesh Sood 50.00
Rodney & Ilene Standen 30.00
Matthew Wieczork 135.00
K.D. & A.D. Williams 375.00
Total 3,207.55
Suntheram Family Trust
Ramachandran Suntheram 1,000.00
Loving Ganesha Distribution
Christian Langers 150.00
Manoharan Navaratnarajah 75.00
Matthew Wieczork 35.00
Total 260.00
Saiva Agama Trust
Matthew Wieczork 51.00
Alaveddy Pasupatheeswarar Trust Fund
Satheesan Sudhakaran 12.50
Thank you Gurudeva Fund
Anonymous 51.00
Vel Alahan 51.00
Maria Cristina Berisso 150.00
Ashish Suresh Chitnis 1,008.00
Shyamadeva Dandapani 101.00
Amarnath Devarmanai 324.00
Lila Shakti Devi 51.00
Panshula Ganeshan 72.00
Larry Gibson 100.00
Ravichandran Krishnan 51.00
Silvarajoo Muniandy 21.00
Manoharan Navaratnarajah 150.00
Satya Palani 30.00
Shanta Devi Periasamy 345.00
Deva Rajan 1,001.00
Jiva Rajasankara 51.00
Thomas J. Rowe 80.00
Alex Ruberto 45.00
Padmini Saravanapavan 25.00
Yatrikadevi Shivam $ 50.00
Indivar Sivanathan 108.00
Jutikadevi Sivaraja 108.00
Sivadas Sivarajah 145.00
Trent Smail 500.00
Vignesh Sukumaran 25.00
Thanaletchmi Umamaheswaran 32.59
Vayudeva Varadan 45.00
Saravan Veylan 67.15
Total 4,787.74
Mathavasi Travel Fund
Kailash Sivam Dhaksinamurthi 120.00
Udayan Care Endowment Fund
Christian Langers 150.00
Jutikadevi Sivaraja 108.00
Richard Stocker 21.00
Total 279.00
Saivite Hindu Scriptural Fund for Visually Impaired
Rohit M. Iyer 100.00
Sri Chandra Madhab Debnath Endowment
Shyamal Chandra Debnath 170.00
Manitha Neyam Trust Fund
Bala Sivaceyon 28.72
Kerala Temples
Satheesan Sudhakaran 12.50
Kapaleeshwara Temple Orphanage Fund
Vasudevan Jayanthi 200.00
Natraj Narayanswami 51.00
Ganesan & Rajalakshmi Ramalingam 100.00
Rakesh Sood 50.00
Total 401.00
Manjung Hindu Sabha Orphanage Fund
Jutikadevi Sivaraja 108.00
Satheesan Sudhakaran 12.50
Total 120.50
Pazhassi Bala Endowment
Ganesan & Rajalakshmi Ramalingam 25.00
Theresa Sparks 50.00
Total 75.00
PIF Trust
Gowri Nadesan 30.00
Sadhunathan Nadesan 30,000.00
Tejadeva Nataraja 41.98
Satya Palani 75.00
Chudikadevi Saravan 30.00
Barathy Sockanathan 20.00
Total 155.00
Total Contributions $88,938.13
Funds at Market Value August 31, 2002
Total Endowment Funds $3,134,834.14
Total Pooled Income Funds $185,251.88
Grand Total $3,320,086.02


Hindu Heritage Endowment is a publicly supported, charitable organization recognized as tax exempt by the IRS on April 22, 1994. Employer ID 99-0308924. Founded by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, its philanthropic mission is to provide secure, professionally managed financial support for institutions and religious leaders of all lineages of Sanatana Dharma.


Halbert/Hargrove, Investment Counsel; Sonoda & Isara, LLP, CPA. HHE is a member of the Council on Foundations, an association of more than 2,000 foundations which interprets relevant law and management and investment principles, and of the National Committee on Planned Giving, the voice and professional resource for the gift planning community.

I want to participate. Where should I Send My Donation?

You may send your gift to an existing fund, create a new Endowment or request information through the address below.

Donations may be made online at or use the HHE tear-out card in the HINDUISM TODAY magazine to join our family of benefactors who are Strengthening Hinduism Worldwide. Thank you.

Ladies Home

The Anantha Ladies Home Endowment

Helps provide care for the ladies of this home in Sri Lanka

Alaveddy Temple

The Alaveddy Subramuniya Temple Fund

Helps support this temple in Jaffna, Sri Lanka

Girls Home

The Yogaswami Hindu Girls' Home of Sittandy Endowment

Provides funds for this Sri Lanka girls home


The Udayan Care Endowment

Helps to regenerate the lives of the disadvantaged, particularly children and women

Kautiliya Fund

The Kautiliya Endowment

Provides youth scholarships for monastic or priest training at Kauai Aadheenam

Planned Giving Guidance

Reflecting on the All-Important Will

Use Giving Assistant to save money and support Hindu Heritage Endowment