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Variations on a shared vision
You will enjoy getting to know these generous souls. Each has his or her own story to tell.

photo the Maturi family The Maturi family
The Maturis found strength in Hinduism Today at key moments of their lives, and their wish is that others may have the same opportunity.
We want Hinduism Today to always have
abundant means to keep those treasures coming.
We need the support. The world needs the support.
Read the Maturi family's engaging story.

photo of the Melwani family The Melwani family
The Melwanis appreciate the magazine "above all for its stand on ahimsa, Hinduism's greatest strength."
We find it satisfying
that our modest gift of today will grow and
empower Hinduism Today through the decades to come.
Read about the Melwani's high esteem for their heritage.

photo Narayana Rao and his family The Narayana Rao family
For the Raos, Hinduism Today is the vehicle for their dream that their grandchildren may enjoy the same precious traditions they themselves inherited.
I believe that a little bit done by a great many
is what has kept Hinduism intact through the millenia.
And the same will propel Hinduism Today, too.
Read how the Rao family discovered Hinduism Today.

photo Bhagawandas Lathi and his family The Bhagawandas Lathi family
For the Lathis, the challenge is immense, the need urgent, and time is short.
We must make sure this pure voice of dharma that
courageously works to rectify misconceptions and abuse
is heard as widely as possible.
Here is our chance. Let's make the most of it!
Read why Dr. Lathi feels the need is urgent, and what he did about it.

photo Vijay Pallod and his family The Vijay Pallod family
The magazine has helped the Pallods so much, they say, they now want to help back.
Hinduism Today has kept me motivated to remain
high-minded,disciplined and less externalized.
Read how Hinduism Today helped the Pallods raise their children.

photo of Shailesh and his parents among the myrtle The Shailesh Trivedi family
Shailesh Trivedi feels fortunate that Hinduism Today was a part of the family as he was growing up.
It was the perfect teacher,
and it transformed me.
I cannot imagine my life without it.
Shailesh tells why his gift will help others come to know who they are.

photo Dr. Urmil Shukla and his family The Urmil Shukla family
The Shuklas take every opportunity to uplift themselves and the community.
Unnati, Hriday and their parents share one resolve:
to do their utmost to bring Hinduism's golden virtues to light.
And Hinduism Today is there to provide the tools
for their enlightened mission.
Read Dr. Urmil Shukla's scintillating vision for Hinduism Today's future.

photo arun j. mehta and his family The Arun J. Mehta family
For decades, the Mehtas have been teaching Hinduism to children—with Hinduism Today as part of the team.
The magazine is rare among the media today.
It presents Hinduism in a positive light,
and keeps the teachings pure
against so many forces that seek to dilute it.
Read how the Mehtas have taught the children of the community, their own children, and now their grandchildren.

photo Alok and Raghunath Lathi The Raghunath and Alok Lathi families
The Lathis found the same uplifting power in Hinduism Today as developed out of their sadhana.
      Just as Mother's years of sadhana generated a shakti
      that bears fruit to this day, Hinduism Today, because of
                    the practices done by those who create it, gives off an energy
                    that enlivens all of dharma and countless souls everywhere.
Read the Lathi family's engaging story of spiritual unfoldment.

photo of the Patel family The Mrunal Patel Family
More than anything, Hinduism Today brought the Patels understanding. They say they will never be the same.
    We wanted to help the magazine reach more souls
    and give them the same chance
    to find their path and destiny that we had.
                    There can be no greater gift.
Read how the Patel family discovered themselves by reading Hinduism Today.

photo of Jayshree Rao Ms Jayshree Rao
When Hinduism Today came into young Jaishree's life, "It lifted my spirits and changed me altogether."
Here was my culture in English (a rarity, back then).
And here were my answers—
intelligent, smartly presented,
something I could show and be proud of.
Questions lost their power to scare me,
and became welcome opportunities instead.
Read Jayshree's captivating story.

photo of Srikanth Kannan Srikanth Kannan
Srikanth's dream is "to make youth proud to be Hindus again, having experienced their faith's power to transform life and brighten their days."
Hinduism Today and sadhana taught me
to be more peaceful, control my life
and appreciate my faith more deeply,
based now on solid personal experience.
I believe this is the way to quell
all those questions the youth have.
More on bringing genuine understanding to youth and all seeking souls.

chawla-smaller Dr. Krishan Chawla
Dr. Chawla is "pained to hear our leaders say ‘no, I am not a Hindu,’ or ‘yoga is not Hindu,’ or hide behind the word Vedic."
When my copy of the magazine arrives,
I drop everything and imbibe the beautiful spirit of it,
the overwhelming sincerity and courage
to forthrightly declare Hinduism’s greatness
while maintaining simplicity, elegance and infinite tolerance.
And no beating of drums. This is soothing to me.
More on forthrightly declaring who you are.

mihir-and-tanvi-smaller-g2 Dr. & Mrs. Mihir Meghani
Dr. & Mrs. Meghani are among the founders and guiding lights of the Hindu American Foundation.
     We want to see that day come
     when the magazine expands,
     is translated into hundreds of languages,
     impacts millions and enlists ever more brilliant souls
     as workers for this great Hindu renaissance.
More on blending spirituality and activism.

choudhary-very-small The Subhash Choudhary family
Subhash strictly limits his work schedule to have time for his boys and teach and promote Hinduism at every opportunity.
     We want the magazine to continue to give Hindus
     the knowledge of their heritage
     and the knowledge of who they are—
     and show Hinduism as the remarkable model
     of sustainability and continuity that it is.
More on giving the knowledge of who we are.

David-g2-smaller-RGB David Wiekrykas
David lives alone because years ago he vowed to be a brahmachari the rest of his life. "I wanted to dedicate my life to God," he says. His world today is one of daily inner experiences and rare insights.
      Hinduism Today
      not only tells about the Hindu renaissance,
      it is helping to bring it about.
      The information it contains
      is the stuff of life,
      it is the power of creation.
More on a Hinduism Today reader's inspired vision and life.

The Ragade family

Hinduism Today helped the Ragades reconnect with their core beliefs, and enhanced their lives—in their professions, and with their children at home.
      At work, I find myself banking more confidently on the inner—
     in ways I would hardly have dared do previously.
     I can go for solutions on a bigger scale.
     And it generally works out.
More on Hinduism Today's power to uplift.

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