Thirunavukkarasu Nayanar Gurukulam

The funds are intended for general support of the activities of the orphanage, including purchase of food and clothing, school suppliess, building maintenance, new building and most especially religious education and ceremony. Bitter ethnic strife has left thousands homeless in war-torn Sri Lanka. Your donations to this fund provide care for some of the many children who have been orphaned, helping with their basic needs as well as training in religious and moral values.

Batticaloa, Sri Lanka


The Gurukulam was established in 1995, and plays a vital role in promoting and preserving Hinduism in a most practical way. The various programs and activities of Gurukulam have earned it wide popularity among the Hindu community in the island of Sri Lanka. It has a proud track record, full of unusually dynamic services rendered to the Hindu Community.


Spiritual Religious Education Program

Hinduism is taught through the many Araneri schools. An average of 1,700 children attend the Sunday Araneri religious schools, served by 132 volunteer teachers in about 15 areas.

Spiritual Awakening Program

Various activities like Processions, Seminars, Competitions, Release of Flag are held.

Vocational Training Program in Fabric Painting and Carpentry Training

This program trains the youth in poverty-stricken and war-torn areas, giving them skills for future self-sufficency.

Social Welfare Activities

Organizing of Sivathondu and Shriamadana social education, relief water sheds, and rehabilitation.

Health and Sanitation Program

Chlorinating wells, Health Seminar, Nutrition Program, Health Clinics and Free Medical Clinic.

Environmental Activities

Tree Planting - Planting of Coconut seedlings, Fruit Trees, Shade Trees and Herbal Trees.


Publication of Religious Hymns, Good Conduct guides, Child Protection and more.

Providing Basic Amenities

Education - Offering funds to underprivileged children for their school education.

Religious Observation Program

  • Daily Worship, Bhajan and Prayers.
  • Weekly special prayers.
  • Special retreats on Full Moon days.
  • Guru Pooja of Saints.
  • Guru Poornima, Satguru Jayanthi and Abhishegam.

Cultural Development Program

Pilgrimage to ancient holy shrines.

Early Childhood Care and Education Program

Serving those younger than themselves at 13 day care centers.

Award Ceremony

Honoring orphans who rendered special services to strengthen Hinduism and high achievers in school exams.


  • Director: Kana Rajaratnam
  • Treasurer: B. Chandreswaran


  • The orphange's yearly expenses are presented below:
  • Vocational - Rs17,500 per program.
  • Araneri School - Rs70,000 per year.
  • Spiritual Awakening Program - Rs11,000 per year.
  • Health and Sanitation Program - Rs5,550 per year.
  • Environmental Activity / Tree Planting - Rs4,850 per year.
  • Publications - Rs32,500 per year.
  • Providing Basic Amenities (food, shelter, clothing, medical) - Rs 153,000 per year.
  • Education - Rs15,000 per year.
  • Other activities - Rs50,000 per year.
  • Total annual budget - Rs359,000 per year or US$3,700.


Thirunavukkarasu Nayanar Gurukulam,
Tambiluvil - 02,
Sri Lanka

Future Plans

  1. Conducting celebrations and holy festivals.
  2. Conducting more Sunday religious (Araneri) Schools in the region.
  3. Formation of a Sivathondar Unit of youths cultivating Dharma in all levels of life.
  4. Formation of an action committee to look into religious conversion activities and find remedies.
  5. Establishment of homes for the deserted, destitute, orphaned children to bring up them in a religiously centered life.
  6. Establish nursery and pre-schools to train small children in the religious path.
  7. Assisting gifted children to continue their higher education.
  8. Establish Vocational Training Centers to improve the living conditions of the community.
  9. Organize Sadhana Camps to help train the youth in meditation.
  10. Providing opportunities to train teachers and leaders in religious performance.
  11. Conducting uniform prayers in houses on a weekly basis.
  12. Organizing water pandals at temple festivals.

Sources of Income

The main sources of income for Gurukulam are donations from individuals from all over the world. The Hindu Heritage Endowment is an important element of support of the organization's needs.

Please Help Support Us

The Gurukulam is a totally voluntary and non-profit organization and can survive only by the generous support and donations which are provided by kind-hearted people. Conditions in Sri Lanka are insecure and the economy suffers from ethnic strife. We hope you will be able to join them in this great cause of keeping the Hindu religion active under very difficult conditions.


Any donation, small or large, can provide an improvement in the living conditions of the Hindu community in Sri Lanka, support the many orphans and neglected children and care for people in difficult circumstances.

The Gurukulam Endowment Fund was setup in order to provide continuous financial support for the very difficult conditions that the organization has to face in order to keep the Hindu traditions alive and educate children all over Sri Lanka. We strive to provide the most secure future for the orphanage and the best standard of living for the children.

As with all the HHE funds, a donation to the Gurukulam Endowment fund qualifies for a US tax deduction.

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