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April-May-June 2002 Newsletter

As soon as news of beloved Gurudeva, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswamiπs Mahasamadhi reached the people of Thirunavukarasu Nayanar Gurukulam in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, they immediately determined to honor and pay homage to the world Hindu leader. Devotees and representatives from different religious organizations joined in the Mahasamadhi celebration and made it quite impressive. A special Mahamrithyunjayaya Puja invoked Gurudevaπs blessings as everyone remembered his life-giving and character-building teachings and how they are being disseminated throughout the community, there. This orphanage is noted for its active Hindu outreach programs whose aim is to promote Hindu social cohesion through congregational participation and uniform practices and through arresting unethical conversion and denigration of Hinduism by other faiths.

 In December 2001, grants totalling Rs. 87,420  were given to this Gurukulam from HHE Fund #12 which has a current balance of $21,274.54. 

In the year 2001, grants totalling Rs. 57,630 were given to the Manitha Neyam Trust for their project of supporting the Yogar Swamigal Thiruvadi Nilayam in Killinochchi, a home for the aged established in 1997 in northern Sri Lanka. It now shelters 67 residents and needs Rs. 250,000 (US $2,700) per month to maintain the present level of services. The Manitha Neyam Trust of Sri Lanka solicits support for this home which provides its residents with free lodging, meals, clothing and medical care. This society also administrates a Sunday School for Hindus every week, bhajans on Fridays and a group recollections of the profound sayings of Yogar Swamigal. The HHE fund is #47, with a balance of $13,413.39. We invite you to help build up this worthy endowment. 

In December 2001, three other Sri Lankan institutions received their first grants from smaller endowments: Sri Subramuniya Kottam of Kopay(Rs. 8,370), Kumbhalavalai Ganesha Temple of Alaveddy (Rs. 12,090)     and Pasupatheeswara Siva Shrine  of Alaveddy (Rs. 6,045).

Kauai Aadheenam Monastic Endowment
Ishani Chowdhury $125.00
Gunasekaran Kandasamy 104.58
Ariel Lewin 200.00
Ralph T. Whitten 100.00
Marc D. Wilson 50.00
Total 579.58
Iraivan Temple Endowment
Anonymous 27.00
Michael Cherry 25.00
Chandran Nagalingam 150.00
Other Contributions 30,000.00
Total 30,202.00
Kauai Aadheenam Annual Archana Fund
Lavanadevi Sivam 51.00
Other Contributions 35.87
Total 86.87
Hinduism Today Distribution Fund
Anonymous 108.00
Appamal Athimulam 142.46
Narayana And Vijaya Bulusu 701.00
Chellappa Deva 249.00
James Jay Devlin 135.00
Ravindra Doorgiat 16.55
Chitravelloo Gunasegaran 461.90
Mohana Sundari Gunasegaran 19.65
Alexander Ivantsov 222.00
Isanah Kameni 52.60
Banu Kantharajah 25.93
Arul Karttikeya 98.80
Diksha Katir 108.00
Ushadevi Katir 108.00
Egilen Koothan 13.24
Malini Kumar 162.00
Thanesh Kumar Kumaravel 236.84
Bhagawandas P. Lathi 892.00
Thavamalar Lingam 117.90
Kartikeyen Manick 33.00
Nithyananthan Moorthy 78.52
Santha Devi Muniandy 55.87
Pusparajan Nesaretnam 5.23
Nalakini Niranjana 195.00
Chandran Param 190.00
Syam P. Reddy 126.00
Marilyn Reid 193.00
Anusha Samugam 259.31
Selvaraj Sanjeevee 33.00
Dasa Sivam 208.00
Lavanadevi Sivam 159.00
Guha Skanda 42.00
Womana Skanda 10.28
Robert Sorrells 216.00
Raghuraman Srinivasan 252.00
Ganesammal Supiah 94.00
K. S. Thamilarasi 78.34
Siven Veerasamy 23.21
Shivani Vinayaga 121.04
K.D. & A.D. Williams 216.72
Per Winther 189.00
Other contributions 895.20
Total 7,544.59
Hindu Businessmenπs Association
Vel Alahan 625.00
Easvan Param 762.51
Janaka Param 15.00
Total 1,402.51
Boys School for Iraivan Priesthood
Ishani Chowdhury 50.00
Indra Dhaksinamurthi 30.00
Chandran Nagalingam 150.00
Miravadi Sendan 15.00
Bala Sivaceyon 78.33
Total 323.33
Mathavasi Medical Fund
Gowri Nadason 120.00
R. Selvarajan 20.00
Vayudeva Varadan 24.00
Matthew Wieczork 75.00
Total 239.00
Tirunavukkarasu Nayanar Gurukulam
Aran Sendan 51.00
Sri Subramuniya Kottam
Andrew Schoenbaum 30.08
Kumbhalavalai Ganesha Temple Fund
Indra Dhaksinamurthi 45.00
Manoharan Navaratnarajah 75.00
Sivam V. Thillaikanthan 25.00
Total 145.00
Hindu Orphanage Endowment
Anonymous 531.00
Ajit S Adhopia 186.89
Lila Shakti Devi 75.00
Tara Barrie-Hull 60.00
Gunasekaran Kandasamy 104.58
Indra Pal 100.00
Alex Ruberto 45.00
Matthew Wieczork 263.00
Total 1365.47
Loving Ganesha Distribution
Chandran Nagalingam 150.00
Manoharan Navaratnarajah 75.00
Matthew Wieczork 37.00
Total 262.00
Saiva Agamas Trust Fund
Chandran Nagalingam 151.00
Matthew Wieczork $88.00
Total 239.00
Positive Discipline Education Fund
Vinaya Alahan 255.00
Thank You Gurudeva Fund
Anonymous 483.00
Hotranatha Ajaya 108.00
Isani Alahan 100.00
Vinaya Alahan 85.00
Amarnath Devarmanai 324.00
Toshadeva Guhan 20.16
Anni C. Hollingsworth 50.00
Nagulendran Kangayatkarasu 50.00
Sakuntalai Krishnan 100.00
Ratnam Kumaran 151.00
Appasamy Kuppusamy 60.05
Chandran Nagalingam 151.00
Manoharan Navaratnarajah 150.00
Shanta Devi Periasamy 645.00
Jiva Rajasankara 51.00
Kanmani Rajasankara 51.00
Senthilathiban Rajasankara 51.00
Thuraisingam Rajasankara 51.00
Sharyn L Reetz 301.00
Alex Ruberto 45.00
Chudikadevi Saravan 18.90
Sivadas Sivarajah 205.00
Yatrikadevi Shivam 108.00
Uma D. Swami 500.00
Marianne Hvidsten Thompson 100.00
Velauthampillai Vamathaevan 101.00
Vayudeva Varadan 47.00
Total 4,107.11
Mathavasi Travel Fund
Chandran Nagalingam 151.00
Saivite Hindu Scripture for Visually Impaired
Anonymous 531.00
Michael Cherry 25.00
Ishani Chowdhury 50.00
Damara Shanmugan 150.00
Total 756.00
Manitha Neyam Trust Fund
Bala Sivaceyon 15.66
Shun K. Sunder 1,008.00
Sivam V. Thillaikanthan 25.00
Total 1048.66
Kerala Temple Trust
Ishani Chowdhury 75.00
Kapaleeshwara Temple Fund
Anonymous 57.00
Ishani Chowdhury 50.00
Vasudevan Jayanthi 300.00
Chandran Nagalingam 150.00
Rajat Vaish 50.00
Total 607.00
Manjung Hindu Orphanage Endowment
Jutikadevi Raja 108.00
Pazhassi Balamandiram Orphanage Fund
Ishani Chowdhury 50.00
Rajat Vaish 50.00
Total 100.00
Kauai Aadheenam Renovation Endowment
Natraj Narayanswami 30.00
PIF Trust
Personal Income Fund
Gowri Nadason 40.00
Satya Palani 75.00
Chudikadevi Saravan 120.00
Total 235.00
Total Contributions $49,943.20
Funds at Market Value November 30, 2001
Total Endowment Funds $3,222,240.86
Total Pooled Income Funds $168,870.77
Grand Total $3,391,111.63


Hindu Heritage Endowment is a publicly supported, charitable organization recognized as tax exempt by the IRS on April 22, 1994. Employer ID 99-0308924. Founded by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, its philanthropic mission is to provide secure, professionally managed financial support for institutions and religious leaders of all lineages of Sanatana Dharma.


Halbert/Hargrove, Investment Counsel; Sonoda & Isara, LLP, CPA. HHE is a member of the Council on Foundations, an association of more than 2,000 foundations which interprets relevant law and management and investment principles, and of the National Committee on Planned Giving, the voice and professional resource for the gift planning community.

I want to participate. Where should I Send My Donation?

You may send your gift to an existing fund, create a new Endowment or request information through the address below.

Donations may be made online at or use the HHE tear-out card in the HINDUISM TODAY magazine to join our family of benefactors who are Strengthening Hinduism Worldwide. Thank you.

Family Fund

Kauai Aadheenam Endowment for Hindu Religious Art and Artifacts

Provides funds for paintings, batiks and other artifacts

Jaffna Temple

Kauai Aadheenam Annual Archana Fund

prasadam, office costs, priest dakshina and other temple expenses such as oil, flowers, incense etc.


The Kashi Visweswaraswamy Temple Fund

Provide funds to maintain this Tiptur, India temple


Kadavul Nataraja Ardra Abhishekam Endowment

Provides funds for puja supplies

Planned Giving Guidance

Canadian Law Dictates A Will For Those Who Have Not Left One

Use Giving Assistant to save money and support Hindu Heritage Endowment