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Planned Giving Newsletter

January 2022

Do you have questions about estate planning? Planned giving? Your will? Each month, we feature new articles and interactive features. We also share news about the charitable endowments under the umbrella of Hindu Heritage Endowment.

Kerala Temples

The Kodiswara Satguru Malaysia Travel Fund, fund #66, is intended primarily for the travel expenses to and from the country of Malaysia of the presiding Satguru of Kauai Aadheenam. Satguru Bodhinatha meets with a Malaysian couple on one of his annual visits.

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4 Ways to Help This Year

Make a Difference With These Tax-Smart Gifts

post it notes Start planning now for how you want to make an impact this year. There are many ways to give to Hindu Heritage Endowment, several of which offer attractive benefits for you while supporting our important work.

Here are four popular ways to help this year:

Give cash. Cash is the simplest way to give to support our current needs. To document a cash gift of any amount, you must have a dated receipt from us so make certain you receive one. A canceled check is only sufficient for gifts less than $250.

Give appreciated stock. When you give appreciated stock, we’ll sell it and you’ll eliminate all the capital gains tax you would have paid had you sold it. Your gift will be deductible at the day of delivery’s full fair market value (assuming you have held it for more than one year).

Donate an insurance policy. A gift of a life insurance policy you no longer need makes a perfect year-end gift. To qualify as a deductible gift, Hindu Heritage Endowment must become the policy owner. For most types of insurance policies, your tax deduction is usually the cost basis or the fair market value of the policy, whichever is less.

Make a gift from your IRA. If you are 70½ or older, you can transfer any amount up to $100,000 annually directly from your IRA. The transfer doesn’t generate taxable income or a tax deduction, so you benefit even if you do not itemize your tax deductions.

Contact us for helpful tips about getting the most from your gift this year.

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Planned Giving Guidance

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