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The Inner Reason Hindus Prosper and Shine Everywhere

How a family of first-, second- and third-generation Hindu Americans reclaimed their faith


The Rajamanickam family visits Hinduism Today headquarters in Hawaii: (left to right) Dr. Rajamanickam’s daughter Uma; sister Sumathi; son Krish; Kumarnathaswami; Sadasivanathaswami; father Malayandi; Dr. Suresh; wife Nisha; Brahmanathaswami; mother Bakia.

“Wherever in the world hindus live, they seem to prosper,” observes noted Florida surgeon Dr. Suresh Rajamanickam. “They are statistically the wealthiest, enjoy the best lifestyles, and are often acclaimed for success in their field, be it IT, medicine, academia, science, whatever.”

“This comes naturally to them, I am convinced, as result of their shared Hindu background. Whether they acknowledge it or not, deep inside, it is there, inducing a positive outlook, a sense of confidence, self-worth and a feeling of all’s-well-with-the-world. These are the bases of creativity and success.

“But I know from personal experience that it’s easy to float, out there, and deny our background even when we enjoy the benefits­­—there are a lot of forces in the world today working for that denial, especially among young people. It’s often easier for a Western person to take an interest in Hinduism than for a born Hindu.

“I was in that position myself for a long time,” admits Suresh who, in 1968, at the tender age of two, landed in Manhattan from India with his parents. At that time there were virtually no Indians in the USA. “My childhood was quite a challenge, and I Americanized as fast as I could.”

He eventually did well in his studies, succeeded and, typically enough, rose to the top of his field, where he finds himself today. Still, despite parental proddings, he did not particularly value his spiritual heritage­—until recently.

“The worldwide trend of openness to all things Hindu, especially on the part of millennials, began to affect me. And I was deeply intrigued by so many earthshaking scientific breakthroughs that are perfectly in line with our ancient teachings. My thinking began to change. Then I discovered Hinduism Today magazine, and it all came together wonderfully.

“Here it all was: my heritage, who I am, where I come from, and what all this is about. Here were my answers in more precise detail, clarity and inspiration than I ever dreamed of. ‘This is what we all need,’ I thought. I bought the complete collection of issues going all the way back to 1996­—and, while maintaining my busy career, spent months devouring every article of every issue, imbibing gem after gem of our marvelous faith. I could not stop. I was reconnecting. Everything for my family and me has since bloomed. We now have a shrine room where we perform daily sadhana, whose undeniable benefits we enjoy through the rest of the day.

“Hinduism gives vision and courage; it takes your cares away and gives equanimity in the face of the world’s concerns and fears. This invaluable benefit makes Hinduism and the carrier of its message, Hinduism Today, urgently needed, today and tomorrow. In the more than 37 years of its existence, no other journal like it has appeared. Therefore I expect none will appear in the next 100 years, either. It is up to us make sure it continues and prospers on into that far future.”

To that end, Suresh and his family have donated generously to the Hinduism Today Production Fund and plan to include it in their estate plan. “It is our dharma, we who have had the good fortune to tap into this wellspring of positiveness, to give back—and pay it forward, too, for our contemporaries, for the children, the grandchildren, and for ourselves, too, a better world to enjoy when we come back in a future life.

“We Hindus are wealthier than average; and we do give to charities—so let us be sure to include Hinduism Today and its Production Fund among them in our estate plans, as well as in our current giving.”

Read about the Production Fund at www.hheonline.org/productionfund.

Ask for our Planned Giving Toolkit by contacting one of our monastic staff at 1-888-464-1008 or hhe@hindu.org.

The vision. The Hinduism Today Production Fund was created to enable the magazine to ever more effectively do what it does best:  uplift Hindus and Hinduism everywhere.

HINDUISM TODAY is a quarterly journal, with both print and digital editions, produced by the monks of Kauai's Hindu Monastery as a public service, not to tell their own story, but to cover the people, events, philosophy and traditions of the broader Hindu world. The monastic staff also direct by e-mail a skilled international cadre of journalists, artists and photographers who help create this renowned magazine.

Grants from the Hinduism Today Production Fund create and support Hinduism Today's continued dedication to world-class journalism through advancing editorial capabilities and endowing production expenses. Examples are providing extra funds to cover the travel expenses and professional fees of a journalist and photographer producing an in-depth feature article and funding sending the monastic staff to conferences to keep up with the most recent developments in digital publishing.

The financial goal of the Hinduism Today Production Fund is to build principal to $5 million which will provide a monthly grant of approximately $16,700.

Kauai, Hawaii, USA

Fund #20

Read the latest news about this endowment from the April-May-June issue of HINDUISM TODAY here.

The fund is the engine that will drive the magazine and its satellite productions forward in the near and far futures. As it grows, it will provide the means to develop diversified and international teams of the very best reporters, photographers, artists, writers, designers, researchers, translators, and filmmakers. And, in order to keep up with technology's fast pace, Hinduism Today will need the services of consultants in whatever new fields arise that enhance communications.

We want to always be prepared to seize any meaningful opportunity.

In addition to enhancing contents and presentation, the fund will provide the means to expand Hinduism Today's reach towards Hindus and like-minded souls everywhere--via various languages, for example.

As young as it is, the fund already provides powerful support for significant projects (see below), and we marvel thinking of future possibilities, when the fund has grown big and strong. Our publisher, editors and staff plan and visualize far into the coming years and even decades. And all the dreams will depend on the Production Fund to become realities.

We share some of these dreams below--and we will continue to do so via our Production Fund newsletter (sign up for the newsletter here).

No doubt, it is going to be a beautiful story that unfolds with time, and we invite you to be a part of it.

2007: we reach our first milestone. In 2007, for the first time, earnings from our fledgling   Production Fund had grown enough to finance a major project: an in-depth article on Hinduism in Malaysia (July-August-September 2008 issue) accompanied with a quality 3-part video .

2008: the fund supports vital projects. During 2008, the fund gradually grew more generous. It enabled editors and staff to expand into new and important territories such as:

  • Educating ourselves. Thanks to the fund, 2 of our editors were able to travel and hire teachers and consultants to gain critical proficiency in developing media of communication such as video and web design.

  • Educating the media. Responding to an appeal for help from various Hindu societies, Hinduism Today's editors created ready-for-press information sheets for 12 Hindu holidays, to be distributed to media outlets. The fund subsidizes part of the expenses.

  • Upgrading Hinduism Today's website. For over a year, our editors have worked closely with a world-class web designer to bring our site up to the highest standards so the numerous resources it offers are more easily and pleasantly available. Updates will be unveiled soon, and all costs are covered by the fund.

  • Many videos. With the help of accomplished professionals, the Hinduism Today staff has already produced about 80 quality videos as of September 1, 2009, now posted on YouTube. Many more are coming, and the fund is covering all the costs.

2009 and beyond. First, let's go back to 2006, when the editors seized a great opportunity: to publish an online digital edition of Hinduism Today. After several years of intense planning, help from the Production Fund, and some financial wizardry, they not only produced it, they were able to offer it to the world  free of charge! It has been a great success, bringing Hinduism's marvels to thousands of new readers in some 100 countries--each issue made even more brilliant with imbedded goodies such as multimedia, search features, access to back issues and more. And being free, it reaches souls who could not otherwise afford to acquire the precious knowledge. (You may download the digital edition from here--and so can your friends and relatives anywhere in the world.)

And today, the digital edition itself presents us with a number of new and enticing opportunities, notably that of  translations. Perhaps like nothing else, translated editions will expand Hinduism Today's reach dramatically. The demand is great; we receive requests every day. And, once we have a translation for a given issue, it can be instantaneously produced and distributed. You simply paste it into that issue's existing digital layout, post it onto the web and  zip, the whole world has access!

Even as you read this, a number of professional translators sit at their keyboards waiting for our signal. And we, of course, we are just waiting for the Production Fund to become strong enough to allow us to hire them.

Do we feel that your donation to the Production Fund will be meaningful? Yes, indeed, that is what we feel.

March, 2009: a question arises.

            How may we--within a short time--
            bring financial relief to our Hinduism Today staff
            so as to give them wings to soar even higher?

In response, the (monastic) managers of Hindu Heritage Endowment launched a special fund-raising project within the Production Fund. The objective is for the fund to augment by $1,000 the monies available to the editors for the production of each issue.

A modest but significant increase, that will enable our magazine to evolve much further.

In order to be able to grant $1000 quarterly, or $4000 per year, the fund needs to grow its principal by $100,000. By January 1, 2013, we had reached $90,000. Please help us reach our goal soon. Contact us.

Becoming a Benefactor of Hinduism Today. If you are keen to give an added moral boost to the Production Fund while giving financial support, please consider becoming a Benefactor of Hinduism Today.

One becomes a Benefactor simply by donating $1000 or more to the Fund as a gift outright or by making the fund a beneficiary in one's estate plan by the same amount.   Learn more about becoming a Benefactor.


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