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pics  of crowds of pilgrims and swamijis Top, a temporary structure for satsang made into a veritable palace. Center, a river of pilgrims on the move. Bottom, innumerable swamijis are present to uplift, teach and bless.

Astonishing just doesn’t say enough about 2019's Kumbh Mela. There are no words for the grandeur and unimaginable success of this event. It has to have been the largest human gathering ever: fully 240 million pilgrims attended.

Imagine a temporary city 112 times the population of Paris built on a river bank and able to meet the needs of so many. Imagine the logistics! What an achievement! And according to our reporters and testimonials of all sorts everything went smoothly as never before, thanks to superlative government support, countless swamijis' spiritual presence, and the dedicated spirit of thousands of teams of volunteers who did an incredible job.

It is hard to mentally encompass so much cooperation, harmony and success. Jai! We realize we are using superlatives with abandon, here, but accuracy demands it in this case. You have to read the article for yourself, 16 pages full of inspiring, hard-to-believe statistics and testimonials, which tell, like nothing else, of contemporary Hinduism's spirit and vigor. back to the newsletter button

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