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Planned Giving Newsletter

July 2015

Do you have questions about estate planning? Planned giving? Your will? Each month, we feature new articles and interactive features. We also share news about the charitable endowments under the umbrella of Hindu Heritage Endowment.


The Kauai Aadheenam Info-Tech Fund provides grants to Kauai Aadheenam for its basic information technology needs for all departments. This includes hardware such as computers, monitors, servers, tablets, portable phones and printers.

Support What You Love Today and Tomorrow

Your support of Hindu Heritage Endowment doesn't have to come all at once. There are many ways to combine your generosity to help us today and provide support that will help us continue our work in the future, also known as a blended gift. More...

A Donation Option With Double the Tax Benefits

Many of your investments are likely still worth more today than what you originally paid for them. And if you sell, you would pay capital gains taxes at a maximum rate of 20 percent. But by using appreciated securities you've owned for more than one year as a charitable gift, you will receive two tax benefits. More...

3 Ways to Help Others

Do you ever feel torn between helping others who really need it and tending to your own responsibilities and financial commitments? You're not alone. More...


Kauai Aadheenam Info-Tech Fund

Provides financing for IT (fund #86).


Planned Giving Guidance

Ways of Giving that Don't Tax Your Finances


Family Life at Udayan Care

This eight minute film introduces the Udayan Care ghars, homes for displaced children in India.


Estate Planning Toolkit

Download our toolkit to help with your estate and gift planning preparation. The Toolkit can help you save money in attorney's fees.


Essentials of Financial & Estate Planning

In this animated short video we explain some basic essentials of financial & estate planning.


What is an Endowment?

This 101 second animated video explains the three types of endowments.