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Charitable Reminder Trust

There are two different types of charitable remainder trusts.

An irrevocable charitable remainder unitrust is a popular way to achieve tax benefits as well as a fixed annual percentage on the value of the assets in the trust. The assets are valued annually and, if the trust value increases, the payment to the beneficiary(ies) increases.

A charitable remainder annuity trust is set up to pay a fixed rate of return based on the initial valuation at the time the property is placed in the trust. The trust assets are never revalued


Bequests and Revocable Living Trusts

Perhaps the backbone of all deferred giving plans, bequests may be made in a person's will using a percentage, a fixed amount, specific property, or the residual estate (All the rest and residue of my estate to ... ). Percentage bequests may be given from the gross estate or from the residue (after tangible personal property, debts and specified bequests).

When trusts are involved, such as a minor's trust or a living trust, a gift may be made at the termination or final distribution according to the needs and wishes of the one creating the trust. This is often referred to as a charitable trust distribution and is similar to a will bequest.

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