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Planned Giving Newsletter

May 2019

If you are one who has been touched by Hindu thought and culture, you may wish to further enrich your life by giving back to Sanatana Dharma in countries around the globe and helping preserve its rich heritage for future generations. Hindu Heritage Endowment (HHE) provides such an opportunity.

Ganesha on Keyboard

The Digital Dharma Endowment, fund #85, helps provide free content of Hindu books, booklets, artwork, video and audio at the Himalayan Academy website

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Easy Gifts That Make Hindu Heritage Endowment Part of Your Life Story

Hindu Heritage Endowment knows that life can be unpredictable. Even though our work has been important in your life, rising health care expenses, lower returns from your investments and other unforeseen events may mean that you aren’t able to be as charitable to us as you would like to be.

That’s OK! Some of the most meaningful gifts Hindu Heritage Endowment receives are gifts that people give after their lifetimes. Many of these planned gifts can be altered as your circumstances change. Here are easy, inexpensive ways you can enjoy the rewarding benefits of charitable giving that also keep your commitment to us flexible:

A gift in your will can be given as a set amount or percentage of your estate or made contingent upon certain circumstances. This gift ensures that you and your family have the resources you need now and that Hindu Heritage Endowment will have the support we need in the future. For sample language you can share with your attorney to complete a gift in your will, please contact us.

You can name Hindu Heritage Endowment as a beneficiary of all or a percentage of your retirement plan assets or life insurance policy. All you have to do is fill out the respective beneficiary designation form, which you can request from your plan or policy administrator. You remain in complete control of these assets during your lifetime and can spend the money as you wish. By naming us as a beneficiary, you simply allow for any leftover funds, or portion of those funds, to transfer to us after your lifetime.

Contact us to learn more about these flexible ways to support Hindu Heritage Endowment.

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