Hindu Heritage Endowment

Enlivening dharma
within the family,
and around the world

Alok Lathi family

Alok lathi’s words of praise were surprising at first. “Simply having Hinduism Today on your shelf is a blessing,” he said, “even if you don’t read it!” Well! He elaborated: even more valuable than its content, he felt, is the shakti the magazine carries, and he illustrated with a story that begins at the time of India’s independence.

His mother, Bharati, grew up in Vinoba Bhave’s ashram, renowned for strict spiritual disciplines—and, little girl or not, a great deal was expected of her. When she moved to the USA in 1965, she brought her training and practice with her and, for the rest of her days, lived immersed in hours of daily sadhana. “

“Hinduism is the salvation of a human being. It is so vital.
  And Hinduism Today is doing so much that supporting it
  is the least we can do.”

She was the family’s spiritual dynamo,” explains Alok, “deeply influencing us—and countless others, too. After Mother made her way to the inner worlds in 2003, much started coming to us from the inside. I was driven to deepen my sadhana, meditations and seva, and my father grew more passionate to support worthy Hindu causes.”

“And so,” Alok's story concludes, "just as Mother’s years of sadhana generated a shakti that bears fruit to this day, Hinduism Today, because of the practices done by those who create it, gives off an energy that enlivens all of dharma and countless souls everywhere, far beyond its circle of readers. Without it, there would be a hole there.”

Both father Raghunath, who lives in New Mexico, and Alok, who lives in San Francisco, generously support the Hinduism Today Production Fund. “I want to dedicate my life to helping Hinduism,” confides Raghunath. “Hinduism is the salvation of a human being. It is so vital. And Hinduism Today is doing so much that supporting it is the least we can do.” Please consider donating to the Hinduism Today Production Fund, too, so your magazine can grow from strength to strength and send ever more salutary shakti around the world.